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        Details and specifications of Serif's PagePlus 9, £17.50 (GBP inc VAT RRP £99.99), the superb Desk Top Publisher that rivals Microsoft Publisher for features and price. Buy or call us on 0844 808 3699. See other publishing software or products from Serif. Check for the latest version or consider an earlier version to save money.      
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Serif PagePlus 9 box Serif PagePlus 9 offers you more:


Explore a new creative world with PagePlus 9! It's simple for anyone to create stylish documents in an instant. Impressive 3D objects allow more creative freedom with vivid lighting, patterns, textures and perspective controls that will add impact to any shape. Transform your text or other objects with a single click. Stamping your own personality on text and images has never been easier!

PagePlus 9 now boasts PDF output that's compatible with commercial printers the world over. Perfect professional printing and more accurate color information will ensure that all your publications look just the way you want them. Combined with re-engineered layout features, PDF security with document protection and much more, the most professional documents are now only a few clicks away.

Get productive with PagePlus 9! With more efficient PDF files that include support for embedding subset fonts, custom shaped text frames and other incredible text enhancements, managing your documents couldn’t be easier. PagePlus has always offered flexibility in Web design and our latest publishing options will enable even a beginner to produce a Web site to be proud of.

PagePlus 9 sets new standards in publishing power. Tables have been improved in recent versions of PagePlus and now we’re taking things further with our amazing Table Toolbar. Customizable envelopes to add warping effects and Text On A Path are yet more powerful tools at your disposal. With greater functionality everyone has the power to produce outstanding documents.

New Features to version 9

Press-ready PDF files
Now PagePlus's PDF output is 100% press-ready! Compliant with the new PDF/X1a standard, PagePlus's PDF output is now compatible with print presses the world over, there's no barrier to perfect professional printing! With support for Spot colors and composite CMYK color, the single PDF file can now contain all the correct and accurate color information to ensure that your publications look just the way you want them to.

More Efficient and Better Looking PDF files

Font embedding has been improved, including support for embedding subset fonts—embed just those characters that have been used in the publication in order to reduce the PDF's file size. There's now also support for faux fonts—bold and italic styles in your document that have been “faked” because there is no specific font file for the style... where a bold or italic (or bold italic) style is used and a font file does not exist, PagePlus can still reproduce the style in the PDF, as the font is converted to curves.

PDF Security

Security features are introduced with document protection and encryption. Now PagePlus's PDFs can be protected against copying, changing, printing, and being added to. Additional security allows for password protection against opening the PDF, and an additional management password control allows changes to the levels of protection after publication!

Instant 3D

Transform any text and any shapes into impressive 3D objects with their own texture, lighting, bevels, extrusion and perspective controls. And the original object (text, shape, QuickShape etc) remains editable.

Object Styles

Transform your text and other objects with a single click! From A to B or C in just one click? You bet! With a gallery of ready-made styles, it's a breeze to renovate your creations with stunning 3D filter effects, fills, transparency, line styles, border and even typeface. You can create your own styles, edit existing ones, and even choose which of the customisable style elements are stored and applied to your objects! Objects update as you improve the styles, so your whole document can update in a single operation!

New Range of Filter Effects

Add more depth and texture to objects and text you create in PagePlus with stunning new Filter Effects. Computer-generated patterns and surface textures mean realistic-looking wood, water, skin, marble and much more. New lighting controls, patterns and textures open up a whole new creative world—and your objects, along with the effects themselves, remain editable. And of course your favourite settings can be saved as Object Styles for future single-click-use!

ICC Color Profiling

Color profiling will mean more accurate colors for profiled monitors and printers—your printed and PDF output can now more closely match on-screen colors.

Easier Curve Drawing with Smart Curves

There are plenty of occasions when drawing a curve is handy in PagePlus—custom shapes as text containers, logos and artwork, areas of subtle color, special flashes and buttons—and drawing your own curved shapes has become far easier with the new Smart Curve type. Simply click on a few points and PagePlus will automatically produce curves between them, no need to practice with Beziers!

Warping - Deform using Envelopes

Warp any of your objects in PagePlus—text, shapes, imported pictures—using customisable envelopes. Add perspective, slant, bulges and more. Choose to deform just outlines or include the object's fill, and see an optional mesh grid showing the geometry of your warp.

Text on a Path

PagePlus has been able to carry out some special drawing techniques using LogoPlus in the past, but now all its effects have been superseded by new, easy to use and impressive PagePlus tools, which now include Text on a Path. Draw any line for your words to flow along, or choose from some presets, QuickShapes, or vector artwork (even other text) to give your text a new direction!

Table Tool Improved with Spreadsheet Functionality and More

Tables have already been improved in recent PagePlus versions thanks to the Table Tool, and now we’re taking things a step further. Tables now support cell formatting, spreadsheet calculations, database import, improved copy and paste, and drag and drop! Phew! And it's all made easier thanks to a new Table Toolbar.

Convert Shapes to Text Frames or Crop Outlines

This simple and flexible conversion process allows for even more creative freedom. Now any drawn shape can become a container for flowing text, or a crop outline (or clipping path) for uniquely-shaped pictures or other objects. Stamping your own personality and creative input on text and images has never been easier!

Convert to Curves

Converting to curves will make it possible to tweak text (or other shape) outlines, also called paths, making all objects, including the already-flexible QuickShapes, infinitely customisable. Text converted to curves and exported as a vector file can be an effective way to create a headline suitable for use on other computers that do not have the same font installed.

Text Enhancements

Text on a Path, Envelopes, and Custom Shaped Text Frames are just some of the ways that working with text has improved for this release. We’re also introducing improved text Find and Replace functionality, customisable Text Slant for “italics” in either direction to your desired magnitude, and the ability to change Text Case for those times that you accidentally misuse the cAPS lOCK key!

Color Schemes Support CMYK Colors

Custom Color Schemes can now contain CMYK-value colors so that any documents containing schemes are suitable for professional printing either via separations or the creation of composite CMYK PDF files.

Line Styles

Line Styles have been improved in this new version of PagePlus. Enjoy further customisation including setting the line corner style and the line cap style. Controls have been added to the Studio to make line customisation and management even easier.

Maintain Web Sites

In addition to being able to upload your Web site straight to a FTP Server from within PagePlus, you can now also switch to Maintenance Mode to see your uploaded files, rename them, delete them, move them and more, enjoying familiar Explorer-style views and controls.

Centralise Web Pages

A new Web publishing option allows Web pages to be centralised in viewers’ Browsers, even though PagePlus promises pixel-accurate output!

Set a Fixed Text Size in Web Pages

PagePlus has always offered flexibility in Web design, and accurately reproduces your creations as Web pages, and now we can also offer fixed-size text so that when viewed in a Browser with non-standard font display settings, your Web site still looks exactly as you intended.

Usability Enhancements

We don’t only hear the suggestions for big new features; we closely monitor feedback for ways to improve every aspect of working with PagePlus. PagePlus 9 offers improved Alignment controls for better page layout and new Object Sizing options. Also new is the ability to edit objects with groups—without ungrouping—allowing for modifications without destroying group properties like Filter Effects.

Manufacturer's Product Code:   Our Product Ref: SERPP9


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Serif   PagePlus 9   £59   (RRP £99.99)   [SERPP9]   Buy

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Serif   PagePlus 9   £79   (RRP £99.99)   [SERPP9]   Buy

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