TES - Bible Codes 2000

Reviews of: Bible Codes 2000, 49.00. Most advanced, most complete Bible codes program ever developed!

7th September 1999)
Bible Codes 2000 review by J.W. Embry

It is my opinion that Bible Codes 2000 (BC2K) is the
program for any one that is new to the area of code research! The program
is laid out in a logical format with easy to understand icons and instructions.
Unlike the previous versions, BC2K
comes with a tutorial that helps you
understand the different functions and walks you through
process of doing an actual code search, from start to finish (very

Once the "Key Code" is found, the program will make a matrix
with the word(s) displayed in the center and will allow you to do further
searches inside the matrix (a search within a search). This function can save a
great deal of time by searching inside the active matrix only, in other
words, the program will not take (waste?) the time to search for any occurrences
of your additional word(s) outside your active matrix window.

BC2K is a "Newbies" dream come true!! You can do code research
with this excellent program without knowing a single word of Hebrew. The program
comes with an extensive database which includes, First Names, Bible Names, Large
English-Hebrew Dictionary, Lexicon, Number and Date Conversions,

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