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Support details for the Online Bible - viewing extra materials: books, maps, apologetics, John Bunyan, illustrated Bible stories, Thompson Chain Topics etc.

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Apart from numerous bibles, dictionaries and commentaries, the Online Bible has an increasing amount of historical and modern theological material. Some is devotional, some apologetic - on archaeology and creationism, for example.

To access this material click on Library - Selection Preferences (F9) and go to the Topics/Books tab. Make sure that the book you wish to view is selected, or click on Select All.

For example, if you wanted to access Spurgeon's lectures on using commentaries in sermons then ensure that the checkbox next to  COMMENTS - Commenting on Commentaries is checked. Click on OK to Exit and save your changes.

Now click on the View Library icon or menu: Library - Library Index. To see the individual book titles you will need to 'expand the tree', in other words, click on the small boxed + sign to the left of each subject area to expand its contents.

Following our previous example, expand the + sign next to + Reference and next to + Helps, double click on …Commenting on Commentaries and a brief overview of the book appears on screen. This screen deceptively hides the hyperlinks to the sections of the book itself. You can now double click on any of the following:

The Pastors College
A Chat about Commentaries
On Commenting
Each full page of these topics are numbered, in this case from 1656 onwards, and you can use your right cursor arrow to move forward a page and the left arrow key to go back a page. Use the up/down arrow keys or your mouse to scroll down the page. Your mouse right click menu will have further options such as Search, Copy, Append to clipboard etc.

(see pp.47-48 of the Online Bible Manual available for £5 plus 50p p&p)


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