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Details and specifications of Serif 3D Plus 3, £49; Resource disk, £29; buy both disks, £59. Ready to add a new dimension to your Web graphics projects, presentations, or desktop publishing? 3DPlus 3 will take you there! And no special skills are required whether you use Wizards to create instant 3D elements and animations for you, or construct your own 3D scenes. 3DPlus puts all the tools and resources you'll need within easy reach. To create, you just pick and choose, mix and match, customize to your heart’s content. The professional quality results will amaze you!

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Serif 3D Plus 3 box Serif 3D Plus 3
3D Animation Capability Make any 3D scene come alive! Simply place key frames for the object properties you want to vary and let 3DPlus generate the in between motion. Your objects can move, rotate, change size or color, and much more. The result: an animated GIF ready for your Web site or presentation.
You'll appreciate the Wizard interface that simplifies creating new designs and animations, and the convenient, tabbed Studio bar for tools and resources. Functions like rotation and extrusion are a snap to apply. And you can select multiple objects, zoom in or out with a single click, and use WYSIWYG text entry to preview fonts and formatting.

Extensive 3D Resources
Use the handy branching menus to browse a large set of 3D models from basic geometric shapes to complex man-made objects. To customize your objects and scenes, choose from a collection of background images, a texture library, and a wide selection of lighting schemes.

Powerful 3D Tools
Try the QuickShape tool for adjustable instant objects! Choose from six preset camera angles, or simply drag for freeform camera views and object rotations. Experiment with lighting types and controls for brilliant effects. Easily rotate, resize, and move bitmap textures on any object.

Advanced Performance
3DPlus incorporates its own sophisticated 3D model format. Apply your choice of textures, colors, and bevels to complex clipart objects, with separate material controls for front, sides, and back. Built-in DirectX support affords speedier 3D rendering and five anti-aliasing quality levels let you pick one that's right for your system.

Store your own custom lighting schemes, materials, and bevels as Studio thumbnails, right there whenever you need them. Import standard metafiles as 3D models, then weave them into your scenes for a whole new range of design possibilities.

Direct Output Preview
Forget the trial and error approach! The Export dialog features a built-in window so you can preview color depth, dithering, and palette settings in a single step, before conversion. And for top-quality Web GIFs, take advantage of transparency and background anti-aliasing. And of course, you can embed 3DPlus scenes directly in publications using OLE. Who said great results were hard to come by?


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None available


Serif 3D Plus 3, £49
Serif 3D Plus 3 Resource CD, £29
Serif 3D Plus 3 inc Resource CD, £59

Serif 3D Plus 2, £29
Serif 3D Plus 2 Resource CD, £19
Serif 3D Plus 2 inc Resource CD, £39

Serif 3D Plus 1, £9

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  • IBM compatible Pentium PC with CD-ROM drive and mouse (or other Microsoft compatible pointing device)
  • Microsoft Windows® 95, 98, 98 SE, 2000, or Me operating system. Compatible with Windows XP in single user mode
  • 16MB (Windows 95/98), 24MB (Windows 98 SE), or 64MB (Windows 2000, Me) RAM, see manufacturer's requirements for other operating systems
  • 40MB (recommended install) free hard disk space
  • SVGA display (16-bit color) or higher
  • Additional disk resources and memory are required when editing large or complex documents.

  • Optional
  • Windows-compatible printer
  • TWAIN-compatible scanner and/or digital camera
  • Internet account and connection required for accessing online resources

    Serif 3D Plus 3, £49
    Serif 3D Plus 3 Resource CD, £29
    Serif 3D Plus 3 inc Resource CD, £59

    Serif 3D Plus 2, £29
    Serif 3D Plus 2 Resource CD, £19
    Serif 3D Plus 2 inc Resource CD, £39

    Serif 3D Plus 1, £9

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